One of the many strengths of the Royal City Badminton Club is its outstanding group of volunteers. What initially began as only 2-3 individuals with a vision for community badminton has grown to nine-member Executive team including a four-member Board of Directors (Director-at-Large/Treasurer, President, Vice-President & Secretary) who dedicate many hours, often behind the scenes, to make the Club an organized and fun place to play.

A major goal of the Executive is to promote the sport of badminton in Guelph, especially among the young members of our community.


Anne Marie Laurence - President | Website Director

Alex Fretwell - Vice President | Court Supervisor (Tues)

George Spence - Director-at-Large | Treasurer | Court Supervisor (Wed)

Jeff Millard - Director of Coaching | Secretary

Shannon Nuguyen - Social/Event Coordinator | Court Supervisor (Fri)

Prakash Sukumaran - Court Supervisor (Wed)

Jessica Shortt - Court Supervisor (Tues)

Bill Witherspoon - Court Supervisor (Fri)

Jeff Pastorius - Assistant Court Supervisor